Micheline (Mish) is a Space Holder that brings an element of warmth, heart-felt connection and gentleness to her workshops, circles and 1:1 sessions, creating a safe container for vulnerability and growth. She has a passion for bringing humans and community together. She is a trained Circle Leader with 'The Wild Woman Project', and has held monthly circles for the last 4 years in Perth, Margaret River and New Zealand. Guiding monthly New Moon circles for years, Mish has comprehensive knowledge on the astrological signs and has a passion for working with the qualities and energies of the signs as a gateway for self- development and an opportunity for embodying the many expressions of the human experience

Mish is an 'Embodied Soul Guide' with The Soul Medicine Academy and works primarily with embodiment and weaving in the soul to support people through deep shifts in the physical body and soul guided transformation. She incorporates this medicine in her group workshops and in a 1:1 setting. She is currently finishing her practionership training as an 'Energy and Soul Master'.

Mish continues her journey of self- development, exploring the tantric arts, bringing elements of embodiment, archetypal wisdom, conscious connection and self-empowerment to her offerings. 

Mish is deeply connected to the natural world and has an affinity for incorporating nature-based spirituality guiding others to form a connection to the natural environment, where profound healing can happen. Reiki trained, energy worker, Mish weaves in energetic practices to encourage others to connect to their own energy, linking our inner world with the outer world.

It is her passion and purpose to guide people back into their bodies and hearts, and encourages others to connect to their highest truth and their authentic expression- ultimately finding peace and bliss.