Bridal Blessings

A Bridal Blessing is a really special way to gather around a person about to experience a beautiful rite of passage. Getting married or coming together in sacred union, is a huge life- change. It is my passion to honour this with reverence. At Gathering the Sacred, we create a spaces where the person taking this next step in their life, with another, can be supported and held by friends and family.

The Bridal Blessing circle is set up and facilitiated by a trained circle facilitator. 

 The circle will include authentic sharings on experiences of love, marriage and partnership with one another. The Bridal Blessing is an opportunity for the friends and family of the person getting married to share their wisdom, blessings and wishes with the bride-to-be to prepare and support them through this special time in their life. Together we will celebrate and pamper the bride-to-be with love and guidance- empowering and encouraging them.

Themes touched on in this circle: love, universal love, rite of passage, sacred union (bringing sacredness into your relationship), wisdom sharing, pampering, celebration, conscious connection, beauty, luxury

What’s Included

> A beautiful centrepiece/ altar created with: flowers, crystals, fairy lights, candles and love

>Pillows and blankets (for winter)

> A guided meditation

>Creative activity

>Beautiful music 

> A gentle embodiment practice (a guided practice to help you connect to self on a deeper level)

> Guided practices to honour the bride-to-be

> Goddess/ Angel/ Oracle cards

> Conscious connection

> Sharing circle


Add Extras (additional charges apply)

> A crystal and/ or essential blend for your guests

> A gift bag of nourishing/ sustainable treasures for the woman being honored

Extra Information

WHERE:  The circles can be held in your backyard, outside deck, lounge room, a park, a friends lounge room or at a hall/ yoga studio (you will need to cover this cost). There just needs to be enough space to have all your guests in a circle.

We are based in Perth and the South-West. If you live in Perth but want to make your celebration extra special by having a little getaway down south, we can come and set up at your airbnb OR suggest beautiful locations in the South-West. 

WHAT: One of our trained facilitators come and set up the space before your guests arrive, then facilitate and guide the circle, then packdown and leave you to enjoy the rest of your celebrations. 

TIME: The circle will go for 2.5 hours

EXHANGE:  There is a standard, flat rate and then additional cost per person.

> All circles can be tailored and adjusted for your specific needs and wants