3 Month
1:1 Coaching Program

This coaching program was created in ceremony to the sacred and with love as the intention.

Love is infused into everything. 


It is my absolute love- filled passion to witness the expansion and growth in another, it stirs my emotional waters and I celebrate it with absolute joy.


It is with this, that I invite you into a three month, one on one, coaching container where we co-create magic together and radical self- transformation.

In this coaching program, you will feel the essence of unconditional love and support in abundance. You will experience synchronicities and magic unfold. You will be given the space to be witnessed in your healing. You will feel the safety and support of structures and resources to support you on your journey. 

In the first month

We will create stability with supportive, grounded structures

In the second month

We will open up to personal and expansive growth in all areas of your life

In the third month

We will be guided by higher values of soul - like love, connection, purpose, spiritual insight, meditation, community and legacy

All of which will be done in an embodied, experiential way whilst weaving in the soul and working with energy to create infinite fields of possibility and upleveling the mind, body and soul in ways that will crack your heart wide open. 

It is my gift to hold a loving, safe presence, to guide meditations and journeys, to weave energy and activate parts of you that are ready to be illuminated. I always hold the potential for you and invite you in with loving grace. I see your vast expansion.

Course Outline

You and I will meet once a week, for three months.

The content for the three month container, is there as a supportive structure, however we will also allow the intuitive field to be very active and if there is somewhere else your body and soul is needing to go in that session, we will follow. This is the medicine- your body knows the way, we will work together to sensitise you to the abundance of information available through the body.

Each week there will be a specific goal, we will call them ‘Gifts’, that we will be exploring.

These gifts encompass and cover the intricate weavings of experiences, relationships, family dynamics, behaviour, 

opportunities etc. that make up the human experience.


 We will work through the journey week by week, along the way you will gather up tools and practices to support your ongoing life journey of growth and expansion. The goal is to equip you with an abundance of tools and practices over the three months, so you can meet yourself wherever you are, in all stages of life.

I will introduce these gifts to you so you have a conceptual understanding of them. 

We will inquire and explore how you already embody this or where the blockages are to fully opening up to the possibility of the gift 

 I will then guide you through an embodied experience, intuitively linking it to your personal experience and how you are wanting to embrace and embody the gift in your life

Like a tree we will ground, grow and expand...

If you feel the call... I would love to journey with you

When you sign up to work together, I will meet you wherever you are on your journey.

I’m calling in souls that are seeking the support and guidance to expand from where you are, into the next level

of your mind, body & soul evolution.

This is for you if:

You understand the value of accountability

You are interested in living a more embodied life, led by heart & intuition

You are wanting to expand your spiritual path

You are ready to become emotionally empowered and fluid with expressing emotions

Your nervous system is in overdrive and you are wanting to bring more ease to your life

You are wanting to call something in (a new job, relationship, home etc) 

You are ready to shift old patterns, habits, beliefs and move forward

You heart/ soul is yearning for more depth

You are wanting to infuse your everyday with sacredness

You are ready for deep inner transformation which will trickle into all parts of your life

You are ready for more MAGIC, more BLISS, more LOVE

The goal of this program is that you will become be empowered to be your own healer. By the end of the program, you should be resourced enough to meet all aspects of life (the dark and light) with more ease and flow. 

citrine 2.jpeg

What You Will Receive

  • One 1.5 hour session per week

  • A welcome gift pack with goodies to support you on your journey (oracle cards, cacao, journal, smudge stick)

  • Weekly resources sent to you after session for the week experience and integration 

  • Availability during work hours for live support during the 12 weeks (emails, messages)

Spaces for 1:1 are limited so please enquire & I will let you know availability. Booking enquiries & payment arrangements are done via email here.


Online Pathway

>PAY IN FULL $1310 ($250 savings)

>FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS TOTAL $1320  ($240 savings)

   Deposit of $220 then pay 5x  $220 fortnightly 


In Person Pathway (currently unavailable for in person till 2022)

>PAY IN FULL $1430 ($130 savings)

>FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS TOTAL $1,440 ($120 savings)

  Deposit of $240 then pay 5x $240 fortnightly 

Meeting with me once a week, for twelve weeks  would normally be $1560

If money is ever an issue and you need more flexibility with payments, please mention this and we will make something work for you. 

I so look forward to journeying with you dear one.

I am here to support and celebrate you at every stage over the three months.

I am so excited to witness the unfolding and blossoming of your true essential self. It will be magic.  

Mish xxx