Welcome dear sister,

This course is an initiation into the realm of space holding and facilitating circles. It will offer an opportunity for deep self- exploration and internal growth to prepare you to be a centered and awakened facilitator. It will open you up to a world where you are deeply connected to your body and soul, interconnected with the natural world and her cycles and it will bring awareness to the different energies that run within you and in the collective through archetype work.

This course is infused with so much love, intention, creative energy and experiential wisdom on the themes and topics. It is my gift, to you with the intention of guiding and supporting you to create opportunities for others to gather for healing, exploration and awakening.


This program will also provide you with the tools to create a circle from the seedling of an intention to the blossoming of a workshop.

May ripples of transformation begin with you and reach those in your realm of existence.

Every week we will journey with energies and qualities of the moon phases, the archetypes, the elements and discourse/ comprehensive guidance on the ‘how to’s’ of facilitating a circle.


What is a Circle?

Circles are nothing new. Our ancestors from around the world gathered together around the fire to celebrate momentous occasions, rites of passage, their monthly bleed, recognition of nature’s cycles or events. In today’s modern world, the ancient art of sacred gathering has returned.

Circles are an opportunity for a group of souls to come together and explore different themes and topics through a range of practices and healing modalities such as meditation, sharing circles, creative activities, dance, yoga, song etc.

It is a co-creation of energy, weaving together wisdom and personal experience of every one in circle. No two circles are ever the same. They provide an opportunity for deep healing and an unquestionable amount of support and connection with one another. It is an opportunity for yourself and other’s to be seen, held and celebrated in all we are. It is potent, magical medicine for the modern day soul.


Course Rundown


  • How to create and craft a circle or workshop

  • Creating a safe container (trauma informed and inclusive) to encourage vulnerability and healing

  • Creating sacred space

  • Creating content and circles based on your life experiences, gifts and passions

  • How to hold space for others

  • How to write and guide meditations

  • Basics of embodiment and breath work

  • How to work with your intuition and awareness as key supports when guiding circles

  • Working with energy 


The Moon phases

Working with the phases of the moon is an ancient practice that has resurfaced in our modern world. Every moon phase has a different meaning and rhythm to the body. The moon is an outer reflection of our inner cycles, connecting us to the Divine Feminine energies of fluidity, creativity, adaptability to change, intuition etc.  The phases we will be working with are New Moon, Waxing Quarter, Full Moon and Waning Quarter, finishing on a final New Moon.

The Archetypes

Archetypes are energy patterns. They're patterns of energy, behavior, thoughts, understanding, perspectives and feelings that exist within us and within the collective. By exploring the different archetypes, we are opening ourselves up to expansive personal growth as we meet the different faces of us and of others. Once we have met all the archetypes in our being, we will have the ability to observe, call on and work with the different energies/ qualities the archetypes hold in our daily lives and as circle facilitators. We will be working with the Wise Woman, the Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Woman and the Priestess.


The Elements

Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements go beyond the physical and manifest as personality traits and energetic forces too. The all have qualities associated with them that we can attune to and bring into our daily lives through awareness and practice. They offer great gifts of wisdom that will support you on a personal level and also as a facilitator.

The four elements are present all around and within you. They are essential to all life. You and the universe are formed by these five elements: earth, air, water, fire and ether. We will be working with the qualities and practices associated with each to further our personal development.

We will also explore our own moon (menstrual) cycle and how we can work with our natural inner cycles as a space holder and creatress.



What you will receive:

  • 2 months of teachings, guidance and support

  • A weekly 3 hour online,  group session that will include:

    •  A guided meditation to connect you to the content for that week

    • A space to share with the group

    • Discourse/ wisdom share on the themes relating to the Lunar Phases, Archetypes and menstrual cycle phases

    • Discourse and teachings on the foundations of ‘how to create and run a successful, sacred circle’

  • Four bonus videos on embodying the elements and receiving their gifts via training portal which will support your development in the art of embodiment

  • Weekly 1 hour online support session where you can ask any questions about the weekly content

  • 3x one on one coaching calls post- course to support you on your journey forward

  • Access to a learning portal where you will have life- time access to the content and videos to support you on your facilitating journey

  • Wisdom Videos from other experienced facilitators to guide and support you on your journey

  • Monthly mentor check in for 3 months after the program is completed

  • Access to a FB page with the community of women we will be journeying with

  • Access to our 'Monthly Wise Woman' catch up with the souls that have completed this course 

  • Goodie bag with gifts once you've completed 

  • 2x FREE Flow documents for a ‘Self- Love’ and ‘Grounding’ circle you can use after your training to facilitate a circle on those themes.





This program if for you if:

  1. You have a passion for bringing community together

  2. You have always wanted to hold a circle but don’t know how or where to start

  3. You are passionate about supporting and holding space for others

  4. You have an interest in the feminine arts, lunar cycles, archetypes or the elements- this will be a great opportunity to receive in depth learning and embodied understanding on these topics.

  5. You are feeling stuck or stagnant and are wanting to explore spirituality in a gentle, nourishing and supportive environment- this program is as much about creating space for others to awaken to their own unique gifts as it is yours!

  6. You are ready to step into your power and allow your passions to guide the next chapter in your life

  7. You are ready to explore and own your unique souls essence and share it with the world!


Other Information

Dates and Times:

We meet online via Zoom once a week for 3 hour and another support session for 1 hour, for 8 weeks from 

We meet at AWST 5:30-8:30pm.



How is the program offered?

We will be meeting weekly for an online group, coaching call. There will be one hour a week where I am available for questions and support inour group portal. There four embodiment videos you will need to watch and do, to embody the elements and practice your embodiment skilld. There will be weekly journal prompts to complete and a final group heart share to initiate you into your Priestess.

All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the learning portal so you can catch up if you miss a session :)  


What happens when I complete the program?

You will have the skills and practices to guide and support you to start holding your own circles! There will also be an opportunity to work with me in future projects, retreats and circles if you feel called to. You will finish the program with a sisterhood of support behind you and the courage and power to guide others into their heart, soul and body.

The world needs more healers! The world needs community!

I would love to take this journey with you to be the change-makers of this world, side by side and hands at each other’s backs.

Love always,

Mish xxx

Facilitator | Embodied Soul Guide | Energy and Soul Practioner (in training)



Dewy Flowers

I found this course and space to be one of expansion.

I received so much amazing wisdom and knowledge from mich and her content.

I learnt about the moon cycles and ways to work with them, archetypes and how to call on them to help me embody my inner wisdom.

We also learn about the elements and how to embody them, mich certainly embodies them and its so magical to be apart of.

Her embodiment allows me to explore my own without fear and judgement towards myself.

The weekly heartfelt shares made my heart sing, seeing women expressing themselves so

raw and vulnerable but being so held, seen and heard.

Truly grateful for the experience, wisdom, knowledge and support.

I also want to express that the investment i paid was well worth it, mich certainly puts

in her heart, soul and time.

Very Grateful for her work.

Dewy Flowers

Mish weaves her authenticity, devotion, playfulness and wisdom into the initiation. I am so deeply honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to absorb her teachings and be inspired by her dedication to being a leader of the new age. Mish holds space with utmost integrity and allows space for people to be vulnerable and honest with themselves and safe enough to share what is on their heart with others. I am in awe of what was shared over the past 8 weeks. 

Dewy Flowers

The Initiation with Mish was the most amazing program I have ever been a part of! Investing in the Initiation was such a good decision. I loved learning the content and it was delivered beautifully by Mish. I looked forward to the weekly calls and they quickly became my favorite time of the week! I have cultivated such beautiful soul sister connections with the women who journeyed with me. The Initiation has gifted me the confidence to facilitate my own circles.

I now believe in my unique energy and gifts.

Thank you, Mish!

I am deeply grateful for the Initiation.

It has been life changing!